Lakhnow pact

In fact, for more than two decades Jinnah was known more for this role than for any other. I had offered to the Sikh friends to place before the All India Congress Committee their view point if they could apprise me of it.

I venture to suggest that the non-violence creed of the Congress is the surest guarantee of good faith and our Sikh friends have no reason to fear that it would betray them. To please the Muslims, Gandhi ji entered into an agreement with them, which is known as Lucknow pact.

Jinnah understood that freedom could not come overnight and, in any event, before the country got freedom, it will have to be prepared in several ways — educationally, economically, militarily — and more than anything else, the people, in spite of their religious differences, will have to confront the Lakhnow pact Government with a united demand for freedom.

It was founded on the bedrock of common religion, culture and historical tradition but, was given a Hindu colour. It will be for others to look up to you as the champions of their rights as it will be for you no fulfill their expectations It was wrong to make a difference between Sikhs and Hindus.

You can use PowerShow. Shafi, who had earlier disagreed with Jinnah on his new approach to the system of election, was strongly opposed to the boycott decision. The pact dealt both with the structure of the government of India and with the relation of the Hindu and Muslim communities.

Concerning matters which the Hindus or the Muslims considered as their special interests, Jinnah must have felt that a good arrangement had been reached by including in the Pact the double vote clause which read: Lucknow Pact proved to be an important advancement to the Hindu-Muslim unity and both the parties united together to fight for the common cause of the self-government.

But Jinnah kept aloof from it because he was convinced that religious frenzy and not reason was the force behind it. The principal leaders of the two political parties assembled at one place for the first time in the history of these organizations.

It aimed to resist British rule in India through non-violent means.

Lucknow Pact 1916

Jinnah advocated that both the Hindus and Muslims should live in amity to resist against the British Raj and attain self-government in India for the Indians. Indeed one prominent League leader, Suleman Kassim Mitha, remarked that although the business of the session was being conducted in the name of the League, in fact it was a Congress body.

Jinnah clarified his stand in the presidential address which he delivered at the League session which approved of the joint scheme. The country has not yet found a solution of the Hindu-Muslim problem in spite of the greatest efforts. This must have been one important reason which led Nehru to remark that there are only two parties in the country…the British Government and the Indian Congress.

The result was that majority of the Muslims disassociated themselves from the Congress. Sikhs do not believe in the divine origin of the Vedas. The goal of the Sikh nation is to establish a separate country, Khalistan, where they can enjoy the true glow of freedom. Well, the Congress in its Lahore session passed a resolution that it would not endorse any settlement with regard to the minority question that failed to satisfy any of the minorities concerned.

The Muslims also resented the decision of the Congress Governments to hoist the Congress Party flag on public buildings. Unfortunately nothing resulted from it. They accepted unanimously agreed reforms scheme presented by their respective committees.

The Executive should be separated from the Judiciary. But such a pact can only be an honourable one and not a pact which will mean the destruction of one and the survival of the other….

Indian Independence movement (1857-1947)

Its original purpose was to safeguard the political rights of Muslims in India. The Congress Ministries also adopted certain measures which the Muslims found offensive from the point of view of their religion and culture.

Out of two Under Secretaries, one should be Indian. April 13, at 5: Swaraj is an almost interchangeable term with Hindu-Muslim unity.

For instance, Jinnah could not understand how the State-sponsored educational institutions could be boycotted when the country had no national institutions where the boycotting students could be enrolled.

Indeed one Hindu leader even said that Jinnah represented nobody. Behind all these struggles and sacrifices, there was only one cause, one reason and one desire and that was freedom.

His enthusiastic spirit enabled me to possess a flag in three hours. Tendulkar, Mahatma, Vol 3, p. Non-violent Sawraj cannot be won except by non-violence. System of weightage should be adopted.

In the United Provinces, for instance, where the League had won 27 seats and Congress only one seat, two nominees of the League would be taken in the Ministry, provided the League Party in the Assembly would merge with the Congress Assembly Party, the League Parliamentary Board would be dissolved, the League nominees would follow the instructions issued by the Congress Working Committee and other competent bodies, and in case the Congress Party decided on resignation, the League nominated Ministers would also resign.

He utilized the Muslim League to interpret and express the opinions of the Muslims. Speaking at the annual session of the League in MayJinnah repeated his usual argument:.

Open Your Arms

Lucknow Pact When All India Muslim League came into existence, it was a moderate organization with its basic aim to establish friendly relations with the Crown. However, due to the decision of the British Go vernment to annul the partition of Bengal, the Muslim leadership decided to change its stance.

Lukhnow Pact

importance of Lakhnow pact. Home rule movement and role of Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Annie Bessant. Entry of Gandhi and his contributions and related movements(non cooperation movement). The pact also contained significant omissions and ambiguities which led to divergent interpretations on crucial provisions.

The Congress-Muslim League Lucknow Pact of can easily be considered an important landmark during the nationalist movement in India. What was the significance of the Lucknow Pact Muslim unity (both the communities agreed to compromise in some areas for the common good.

Jinnah-Sikandar Pact

Congress compromise on secular character by accepting the separate electorates. The Lucknow Pact “The Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity”. Although this Hindu Muslim Unity was not able to live for more than eight years, and collapsed after the development of differences between the two communities after the Khilafat Movement.

INC Lucknow Session: Lucknow Pact InLucknow Session of the Indian National Congress held under the presidentship of Ambika Charan Majumdar. In .

Lakhnow pact
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